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Broadcasting since 1999 Radio Samoa is the longest existing Samoan Radio Station in NZ.

Wide local reach on 1593AM Auckland, reaching far north to Whangarei and south to the Waikato, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day LiveStreaming on

Radio Samoa promotes your business around the world Broadcasts into the Niche market you want to target, the Samoan Spending Community Loyal audience and widespread community and advertiser support.

Reaches half of the Pacific Community in NZ where Samoan language is the 3rd most spoken, and the 2nd most spoken language in Auckland (2013 NZ Census)

25 - 65+

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*GfK Commercial RAM, S1 2024, Auckland, Mon-Sun 6am-10pm, aged 10+



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Stats collected in June 2024


Radio Samoa stands as an integral part of the Samoan community, locally and globally. Broadcasting continuously in Samoan and English, we proudly hold the title of the only 24/7 Samoan radio station across New Zealand, Australia, and America. With eight daily news bulletins, we deliver updates from Samoa and national news in Samoan, ensuring our audience remains engaged throughout the day.

Our diverse range of programs caters to all ages, delving into the rich tapestry of Samoan traditions, values, language, and culture. This inclusive approach not only captures our target audience but also fosters a deep connection within the community. The respect garnered by our station management and staff elevates the effectiveness of our content, be it editorial or advertising.

At Radio Samoa, our success is rooted in the trust of the Samoan community. We maintain excellent relationships with our clients and listeners, solidifying our reputation as a trusted and respected entity. Our commitment to quality and excellence underscores our dedication to serving the community we proudly represent.


Radio Samoa proudly serves a diverse and engaged Samoan community, both locally and globally. In New Zealand, we connect with the largest Pacific ethnic group in the country. Our reach also extends to significant Samoan populations in Australia and the United States.

Our audience values the authentic representation of Samoan culture, language, and values through our diverse programming, which includes news, music, talk shows, and community updates. Radio Samoa is more than a station; it’s a cultural bridge connecting Samoans around the world.

± 200,000
United States (US)
± 184,000
Australia (AU)
± 181,000
New Zealand (NZ)
± 144,138

Sourced: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016), Statistics New Zealand (2018), Samoa Bureau of Statistics (2021), and United States Census Bureau (2019).

Hear What Others Say

Fuafiva F.
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Savea on Saturday; I preferred a comfortable and flexible conversation without much distraction, and Savea delivered that for me on Saturday. He made it easier to discuss dementia, and his knowledge of the topic added more value to our talanoa. Thank you so much for the invitation to join Savea's program and Faafetai Tele lava Savea. God Bless.
Inna L.
Communication is always on point when visiting . We always know what the expectations are and are provided with extra tips to help alliviate any nerves. Friendly and welcoming team ALWAYS! Love what they do for our people and getting involved in so many parts of our communities also. Keep up the great work
Mau L.
Pleasure to sponsor Radio Samoa RWC Manu Samoa coverage.Malo le tautua matavela Malo le tauata'i ua afu le tautua ale Radio Samoa. Na'o le tupu ile lagi e taui atu sou manuia.To'iaivao Faamau Levi
Enesi&Lorna S.
Faamalo le onosai ile tou ofisa mamalu. Ae ua iai le manatu e faafesili atu ile ava male faaaloalo po iai ni tou tusi samoa o faatau faamolemole lava pei ole "Fue Lavelave" po le "Sōgā" faamolemole lave ile ava male faaaloalo.
Talofa lava Team!I have just used Lemalu Bob's services and he was absolutely FANTASTIC. He not only gave great advice for his particular area of expertise but also he was also able to point us to the right direction on our financial journey.I have lived overseas now for 17 years (in the Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia and as of August I will be in China)and every year I return home for the winter to visit my parents in Mangere and there is not one day that we have gone without tuning in.You understand the fine balance of the va between your listeners and the various echelons of that audience, yiou are informative, you are joyful and always meaningful in riding the spiritual and the everyday.The programmes have provoked a lot of intellectual and rational conversations in our multi-generational home. It has also empowered us to draw on our father's (our mum has passed) experience and expertise on aganu'u and gagana faasamoa because of the richness of the language you use and the topics raised.O le mea lea, fa'afetai tele- it has meant a lot for a 50yo NZ born Samoan to have this connection through your programme.Keep up the fantastic work for our community. I am listening to you now as I type...
Seipepa T.
It was such a pleasure to have been part of the Mama's Baking competition, which was organized, managed, and sponsored by Radio Samoa 1953AM. I consider it a great opportunity to share my baking skills with others and to meet people in our community through Facebook. Thank you, everyone, for your reactions to my video. God bless. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Thank you once again, Radio Samoa 1953AM. 🇼🇸
Benjamin F.
E matagofie le tautua a le Radio Samoa, mālō lava le tautua atunu'u! Radio Samoa is an amazing radio to listen to, full of daily news, amazing programmes and the brilliant music. A great representation of our cultural life and values, especially through the use of our gagana Samoa.
Radisson T.
Most powerful radio today broadcasting to news to helping people to get their message out to the world awesome work at the team of radio samoa
s P.
Magaia Tele radio Samoa 👍🏼 I love to listen to the different shows magaia fo'i musika ma news Mai Samoa with Maina and Galumalemana. Keep up the good work for our ppl here in NZ and abroad GB Radio 🇼🇸💯❤️. Nice to listen and learn some things like the alagaupu Vaofilifili and others. Also the Zumba Tiatia is just gorgeous he's so funny and I love how he dresses up for his show. Thank you Radio Samoa vevelaaaah ❤️
Kamila D.
Very nice to meet you over internet 😍
Lemasino Pulou (.
Talofa and good morning radio Samoa. Thanks for your great service and thank you so much for the great opportunity that the Eneleo Kid's has to enter the Christmas Carol competition 2021. Keep up the good work.You are the best.May you all have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year.From Eneleo's aiga.
Talele P.
The program is's good to listen to your own mother tongue language and I'm proud of my Samoan language
Fuafiva F.
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Savea on Saturday; I preferred a comfortable and flexible conversation without much distraction, and Savea delivered that for me on Saturday. He made it easier to discuss dementia, and his knowledge of the topic added more value to our talanoa. Thank you so much for the invitation to join Savea's program and Faafetai Tele lava Savea. God Bless.


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Breakfast show - Weekdays 6am - 10am

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Natasha Vaaelua
Niuafolau Taito Taloto


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Fiafia Mai - Weekdays 10am - 2pm

Failautusi Tiatia


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Drive time - Weekdays 2pm 6pm

Seumanu Francis Ioane
Izek Pauga


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Evening Show - Weekdays 6pm -10pm

Taito Taloto
Sau Siufanua Seuseu


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